About Us

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by. My name is Diana, and I'm the creative chaos maker and owner here at Hot Mess Ink Press. As a wife and a mama of two, I decided to embark on a unique journey from working as an RN to becoming a small business owner, and it's been completely driven by my desire to be a present mom along with my love for crafting and creating. My fascination with sublimation started when I just wanted to create personalized items and gifts for my friends and family. Over the course of about six months, I delved into this art, refining my skills and techniques, just learning as I went. As I experimented and shared my creations, I started receiving requests for custom cups, and that's when I really decided, "Let's do this... like, let's really do this!" And so, my humble venture took off. It's been a whirlwind of constant learning and experimentation, resulting in a diverse range of handmade offerings, including cups, apparel, accessories, and more. We're committed to evolving, expanding, and enhancing our creations to better serve our incredible community and cherished customers, because we're immensely grateful for your support!